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Being 2.0

Being 1.0

An artificial being to act as a digital griot to teach us how to radically decolonize

Being app

Being 1.5 is an effort to make online mental health care broadly accessible to the Black community by leveraging machine learning capabilities.

Bi0film.net: resist like bacteria

Bi0film.net praises bacterial resistance in contrast to the reductionist discourse of war. We took one of the Hong Kong movement’s icons, the yellow umbrella, and adapted it based on an open resource created by Andrew McNeil, to be used as a parabolic WiFi antenna. Other than covering, hiding, and protecting the user, Bi0film.net helps them communicate.

The Solar Protocol

The Solar Protocol

The Solar Protocol network explores the sun’s interaction with Earth as a form of logic that shapes the daily behaviors, seasonal activities and the decision making of almost all life forms. Solar Protocol honors this natural logic, exploring it as a form of intelligence that is used to automate decisions in a digital network.

L’Opéra du Travail

— Oui, petite herbe. Faire, car travailler c’est produire pour consommer, mais œuvrer, c’est faire pour partager !


Arrêtons ce cirque, LeMec, et repose-toi un peu toi aussi.

Swirling Sulas

Sula finds discussions about the perception of the past tedious. Also the future. She lives here she says and here has plenty enough to not only think about, but do.

Écologie cybernétique

Je rêve d’une écologie cybernétique où nous sommes libérés du travail et joint.e.s à la nature, rendu.e.s à nos frères et sœurs mammifères, sous l’œil des machines aimantes.

Futurs obsolètes

Il nous faut sans tarder « renoncer aux futurs déjà obsolètes ».