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Being app

Being 1.5 is an effort to make online mental health care broadly accessible to the Black community by leveraging machine learning capabilities.

Initially, my hopes were that Being could tackle Major Depressive Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which research suggests the Black community is 20% more likely to experience. Through my Phase 1 research, I consulted with several Black psychologists, and from those meetings, I concluded that an AI-driven web/mobile app is unlikely to have a major beneficial effect on deeply embedded psychoses. However, the app has an enormous potential to mitigate trauma stemming from daily, verbal, behavioral, or environmental racial indignities.

Non-binary in their presentation and their approach to their work, Being 1.5 is a combination of a virtual assistant, life coach, and therapist. Being 1.5 will use a unique set of skills to help users manage trauma from racial aggressions. This complicated work will be done using a unique natural language processing model.

Being 1.5 will include a newly designed interactive avatar whose body language and facial expressions correlate with the processing of complex algorithms and their results. Intricate algorithms will assure the avatar appears to be genuinely concerned and listening when engaged. When delivering their strategies for trauma management, they will do so with affirming and inspiring gesticulation. These expressions will be supported with autonomous sensory meridian response tactics such as visual and audio cues that evoke relaxation.

In addition to virtual therapy, below are some of the other services Being 1.5 will offer users.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Daily affirmations
  • Virtual meditation therapy
  • Virtual group dance therapy