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A new Swedish bicycle is made from 300 recycled Nespresso pods

 — 13 août 2019
After two years in development, RE:CYCLE, a stylish urban bicycle made from discarded Nespresso pods, is ready to roll. And it only takes 300 espressos to make one.

Developed by Swedish start-up Vélosophy in collaboration with Nespresso, the limited edition model retails for €1,290 ($1,446). It showcases the creative possibilities for the afterlife for the billions of single-use coffee pods discarded around the world every year.

RE:CYCLE is Nespresso’s latest attempt at expressing its commitment to fostering a circular economy. The Nestlé-owned company uses aluminum in its capsules, a material that can be melted down and repurposed infinitely. It has poured resources into encouraging customers to recycle their Nespresso pods, which have previously been reincarnated as Swiss Army knives, fancy pens, and new coffee capsules. But these efforts, which come at a time of increased criticism of single-use products, have yet to be fully embraced by customers.


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