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Cityblock, filiale d’Alphabet, veut aider les Américains à faible revenu à obtenir de meilleurs soins

 — 2 octobre 2017
Sidewalk Labs, the mysterious urban innovation group of Google parent company Alphabet, has spun out a start-up with ambitious plans to rethink health care. The startup, known as Cityblock and known internally at Sidewalk as “CareLab,” is focusing on low-income communities with serious health problems.

Under Cityblock’s vision, each member will receive a “personalized care team”, which includes doctors, coaches, technology tools, follow-up nudges and a health plan. Members can also join a “neighborhood health hub” to drop in to connect with this care team.

These services will be offered at no additional cost for those who are covered by insurance. The site says the company is working to forge partnerships with insurance companies to make this happen.

The idea behind Cityblock is that that preventative care costs a lot less than a typical doctor’s visit. But in the U.S., far more is spent on medical care than on social services. Researchers have found that’s a big reason why health costs continue to rise with little evidence of better outcomes.


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