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Amazon wants to become part of everyone’s daily lives

 — 25 septembre 2020
Amazon’s naked ambition to become part of everyone’s daily lives was on full display this week at its annual hardware event. It announced a slew of new Alexa-powered devices, including a home surveillance drone, a suite of Ring-branded car alarm systems, and miscellany like an adorable little kids’ Echo device. But it’s clear that Amazon’s strategy has shifted, even if only for a product cycle, from going wide to going deep.

Last year, Amazon baked its virtual assistant into any household device that could accommodate a chip. Its list of new widgets with Alexa seemed a mile long, and this included a menagerie of home goods like lamps and microwaves.

This year, Amazon had fewer devices to announce, but it played up how it made Alexa itself better than ever. That’s the second prong of the strategy here: Get Alexa everywhere, then improve the marquee feature such that the experience for users eclipses anything the competition offers.


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