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Execs think they’re handling the future of work. Workers disagree…

 — 30 septembre 2020
A new IBM survey finds employers are embracing a new, more digitized way of working accelerated by the pandemic, while employees fear being left behind.

The realities of COVID-19 compressed years of remote work growth into a matter of months. But the onus is now on executives to support their workforces as the crisis shifts to the new normal.

Today, IBM released its 2020 C-suite study, which surveyed more than 3,800 high-level executives in 20 countries on their outlook, both during COVID-19 and in the years ahead.

The report showed a major gap between how executives think their company is helping workers during the pandemic and how workers themselves feel.

  • That gap isn’t just about corporate communication — nearly a quarter of workers surveyed reported having been either furloughed or laid off, and they’re well aware that more automation and digitization may translate to less work for humans.
  • « There’s an elevation of expectations with employees in respect to their employers, » says Jesus Mantas, a senior managing partner at IBM. « That creates a gap in leadership. »
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