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Facebook focuses on smart audio for AR glasses

 — 8 septembre 2020
A post on the FRLR web site last week provided a peek into where the social media giant is heading in the world of augmented reality and virtual reality. "We are exploring new technologies that can extend, protect and enhance your hearing ability—giving you the ability to increase concentration and focus, while allowing you to seamlessly interact with the people and information you care about," said research team member Tony Miller.

Facebook, which originally planned to demonstrate advances in its AR research in a conference this month that was canceled because of the pandemic, instead has been offering demonstrations to selected journalists and media specialists focusing on two technologies, audio presence and enhanced hearing, which provide what FRLR calls « perceptual superpowers. »

Through AI and sound suppression technology, merely looking at an object will enhance and clarify the voice or sound while eliminating all other sounds outside your « vision, » including chatter and other distracting noise such as air-conditioning.


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