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Gucci wants to dress you—and your avatar

 — 9 août 2020
The $11.8 billion Italian powerhouse is no longer just designing physical products, but also virtual clothes, shoes, and accessories that exist entirely in the digital realm. It’s part of the brand’s bet that in order for luxury fashion to thrive in the next decade, it needs to be seamlessly integrated into the digital worlds where consumers are increasingly spending their time.

Gucci is now designing with video games and virtual realities in mind. Triefus says that for about five years, the brand’s designers create with the assumption that clothes will exist on the runway, but may also be worn by avatars and incorporated into games. “The worlds of fashion and gaming are colliding,” Triefus says. “We’re approaching gaming with a sense of experimentation, because this will put us in a good position to be ahead of the trends when they become ingrained.”


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