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Safety app Citizen gets a coronavirus contact tracer upgrade

 — 13 juin 2020
Andrew Frame launched Citizen in 2017, merging 911-dispatch data and your smartphone’s GPS location to alert you about nearby dangers—fires, robberies, car crashes, assaults. Now he’s betting Citizen's mobile technology, location capabilities and network of millions of users can warn you about possible Covid-19 exposure.

As the U.S. economy reopens amid spiking Covid-19 cases and surging protests, Frame has launched a new digital tool to warn you of possible contact with the coronavirus. Called SafeTrace, the mobile contact tracer uses both Bluetooth and GPS location data to automatically keep tabs on with whom you’ve been and where you’ve been. If another SafeTrace user with who you’ve had close contact reports an infection, you receive an alert detailing the exact time and place of the potential exposure.

The SafeTrace tool will live within the Citizen app, which has more than 5 million users across 18 U.S. cities—many of which are Covid-19 hot spots.

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