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Scientists Are Using an “AI Bird Watcher” to Solve Solar Farms Bird Massacre Mystery

 — 10 août 2020
Solar farms are killing birds on a large scale, we may soon know why, courtesy of an artificial intelligence-powered birdwatcher.

A 2016 study found that large solar farms in the US accounted for the death of almost 140,000 birds every year. For a while, we only had our best guess as to why solar farms were killing birds at such a scale — for instance, they may have mistaken the reflective panels as the surface of water.

These theories are far from confirmed. But we may soon know a lot more, courtesy of an artificial intelligence-powered birdwatcher, as Wired reports.

The thinking is that an algorithm can pick out avian behavior and analyze their flying patterns near solar panels. The Department of Energy recently signed a contract with Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois to develop a tailor-made AI solution.


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