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Simulate Aims to Optimize Human Nutrition

 — 12 octobre 2020
Simulate's meatless chicken nuggets, known as NUGGS, mark the beginning of a portfolio of alternative foods

The humble chicken nugget (equally beloved and condemned) takes on new life thanks to SIMULATE—a nutrition technology company founded by Ben Pasternak. The brand’s debut product, NUGGS, proves nearly indistinguishable from the traditional version, but they are entirely plant-based. The company, however, is careful to point out that descriptors like “vegan” or “vegetarian” aren’t necessarily crucial in the product’s messaging. While they are made up of mostly water, soy protein concentrate, soybean oil, textured wheat protein, breadcrumbs and a few other ingredients, the company refers to it all as a “chicken simulation,” which hints at how Pasternak and SIMULATE approach human nutrition and food tech in general.


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