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L’IA ou le « ghostwriter » dans la machine

 — 29 octobre 2020
A new machine-learning-based writing companion called Wordtune aims to help users edit and improve written text as it's being composed.

Natural language processing is one of the most active areas in AI today. If tools like Wordtune work well, it would demonstrate that AI is getting closer to really understanding what we’re saying.

Wordtune, developed by Israel-based startup AI21 Labs, can be downloaded as an extension for the Chrome browser. Users can then use the tool to highlight text being composed on services like Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook and Twitter.

  • The free version of Wordtune will give you the option to « rewrite » the sentence, offering several different ways to say whatever you’ve tried to say.
  • A premium version that costs $9.99 a month adds other features. Those include options to help users make their sentences longer or shorter, or more formal or more casual, as well as a feature that suggests words — based off the context of the sentence — that might be on the tip of a user’s tongue.


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