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Unmanned 5G-enabled airship completes test flight in Southwest China

Un dirigeable 5G autonome effectue un vol d’essai dans le sud-ouest de la Chine

 — 15 septembre 2021
An unmanned helium-lifted airship equipped with 5G network has completed its test flight successfully in Southwest China. The airship aims to provide communication services for emergency rescue and disaster relief in the future.

Installed with a 5G base station, the airship « 5G Cloud One » flew 300 meters above the ground undertaking a variety of tests in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture in Yunnan province — a region prone to natural disasters such as mudslide, landslide and flood.
With a payload of more than 200 kg and a signal coverage area of up to 100 square km, the airship can stay in the air for over 15 days and withstand strong winds.

Thèmes : Énergie, Transports  
Mots-clés : Dirigeable, Helium


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