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US Army Scientist Brags That He’s Trying to Build the Bad Guy From “Terminator 2”

 — 20 août 2020
Frank Gardea, an aerospace engineer at the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s (CCDC) Army Research Laboratory, is leading a project to develop robotics out of flexible, self-repairing and self-reconfiguring materials, according to Military.com.

Gardea envisions self-repairing drones and other uncrewed aircraft, but the ultimate goal is machines with the “reconfiguration characteristics of the T-1000 character in the Hollywood film, ‘Terminator 2,’” he said in a release.

Thus far, Gardea’s team has developed a 3D-printed, flexible polymer that can be programmed to remember and snap back to a certain shape.

The material, if not the machines made out of it, can be repeatedly melted down and reused, according to Military.com.

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