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Welcome to Conspiracy, Inc.

 — 22 août 2020
A skeptical american science has launched a newsletter based around all things conspiratorial to fight the spread of a "dangerous virus eating America’s soul"

Respected american science reporter Keith Kloor launched Conspiracy Inc. a substack newsletter dedicated to debunking and analysing the conspiracy theories flourishing in the public sphere in the U.S. and worldwide.

« There are two dangerous viruses sweeping the United States right now, unchecked. One has killed close to 200,000 Americans (thus far), crippled the economy and upended daily life. It didn’t have to go this way, but I am hopeful that COVID-19 will eventually be tamed.

The other virus is eating America’s soul. It is a creepy, mutating strain of conspiratorial ideation that has infected our collective psyche, politics and social networks. Yes, conspiracy theories have always waxed and waned in American history, but I don’t think they have ever been as pervasive and commonplace as they are today.

How did we get here, who is responsible and what can we do about it? These are the questions that will guide this newsletter. »

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