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You can now discover your « real » biological age

 — 24 septembre 2020
An iPhone app set to launch this month promises to reveal users’ true biological age, relative to their chronological one.

The Young.ai platform was developed by Hong Kong–based Deep Longevity, a new spin out from the enormously prolific AI company Insilico Medicine.

Building on Steve Horvath’s seminal biological clock, Young.ai tracks multiple biological clocks, using biomarkers that show the rate of aging at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, and system level. These so-called “deep aging clocks” were previously available only to clinicians (see also Chronomics). Young.ai users will be able to upload their data from photos, surveys, biological samples, and activity trackers into an AI system which will parse and provide a personalized to-do list to promote healthier aging—like maybe wear a hat on sunny days and eat more fiber.


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