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Your manager, or 69% of what that person does, will be automated, says Gartner

 — 23 janvier 2020
Bots, intelligent assistants and automation are going to take over most of what your manager currently does.

According to Gartner, the bulk of a manager’s workload–manual tasks, forms, updating information and approving workflows–are going to go away. I saw this concept in action at PwC’s Demo Day on Tuesday. PwC outlined a robotic process automation app that filed invoices and scanned statements in seconds where a human would have taken a few hours. That automation can certainly speed up audits.

Many workers may welcome most of our managers being automated. A survey by Oracle and Future Workplace found 64% of people are more likely to trust a robot over their manager. Why? Unbiased advice and judgements made on performance not politics.


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