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yves béhar + superflex’s powered suit aims to revolutionize mobility tech for the elderly

 — 11 janvier 2017
When it comes to innovative tech for the elderly, the mind jumps to helper-bots, to smart homes and facilitative infrastructure. there can be a tendency to mollycoddle, promoting a static or sedentary life, when more often the opposite approach is needed. Unveiled at london design museum’s exhibition NEW OLD, the Aura powered suit is a collaboration between designer Yves Béhar and Superflex, a powered clothing company that recently split off from the robotics lab of SRI international.

Superflex’s (now Seismic) powered suit is heading for a targeted release sometime around around the middle of 2018. jam-packed with motors, sensors and artificial intelligence, the aura suit is a lightweight layer that effectively acts as a second supportive skin. small electronic ‘muscles’ allow the suit to provide subtle, individualized support to the user, responding to and assisting with motions like standing up & sitting down, balance and general mobility. rather than just doing the job for you, Aura gives you the strength and support to do it for yourself.


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