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Microsoft lands exclusive license to GPT-3 AI program
The Verge
 — 22 septembre 2020
Microsoft announced a deal Tuesday that will give it the exclusive license to OpenAI's GPT-3 language model, a tool that uses machine learning to generate remarkably human-sounding text.
Cloud computing, Intelligence artificielle, Sciences et technologies
Sous l’eau depuis deux ans, le prototype de data center sous-marin de Microsoft a tenu
 — 16 septembre 2020
Microsoft donne des nouvelles du projet Natick pour aboutir à des data centers sous-marins. Après deux ans d'immersion, un prototype a été récupéré. Les conclusions sont positives, assure l'entreprise américaine.
Cloud computing, Data science, Sciences et technologies
Snowflake’s IPO is a bet on companies using AI for everything
 — 16 septembre 2020
Snowflake, the buzzy cloud computing company, just delivered the biggest software IPO ever by betting on a future in which all businesses increasingly rely on big data and AI to make decisions. Its stock began trading on Sept. 16 at $245 per share—more than double the $120 price Snowflake set the day earlier—giving it an opening valuation of $67.9 billion.
Cloud computing, Data science, Intelligence artificielle, Sciences et technologies