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Swirling Sulas : A Future Vignette — The Branch n°2

An age of light. An age so bright it sucked up all the light like an almighty sinkhole. That’s what yesterday imagined of today. But here I am. I can see further than my nose, further than my finger tips. There’s light. I’m not in a hole. And this morning I laughed. A crow desecrated a sensor.

En Inde, moins d’agriculteurs plus de travailleurs précaires

Indian agriculture’s share in providing jobs has declined by a third over 25 years. From 62% of the jobs in 1991, agriculture had fallen to 41.4% in 2018-19, according to an Indian Express report. It looks like this is exactly what India needs. But then, looks could be deceptive.

The Intersection

The Intersection

Dans un futur proche, The Intersection retrace la transition d’un présent violent à un futur coopératif et raconte les histoires de celles et ceux qui luttent pour réinventer une société plus sobre, en harmonie avec son milieu de vie et les espèces qui l’habitent.