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Dawn, Avatar Robot Café

Dawn, Avatar Robot Café

At Dawn, some of our staffs work using our avatar robots OriHime and OriHime-D from their homes and hospitals, giving an entirely new definition to remote working

Efficient laser technique can convert cellulose into biofuel

With the imminent threat of a climate crisis hanging over our heads, it has become crucial to develop efficient alternatives to fossil fuels. One option is to use clean sources of fuels called biofuels, which can be produced from natural sources such as biomass.

(Im)possible baby : case 01 — Asako & Moriga

(Im)possible Baby

Et si tous les couples, dont les couples de même sexe, pouvaient avoir des enfants issus de la conjugaison de leurs gènes. Et si tous les couples pouvaient choisir quels gènes emprunter à quel parent pour des bébés « à la carte »?